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I just received a call from home. My mom told me that she had a mammogram and there was a cluster in one of her breasts. We don’t have a history of breast cancer but we just found out yesterday that my grandmother has it. God, I am so scared. I can’t stop crying. I’m away at school and I know my mom is trying to be brave but she sounded so small when I talked to her. All of a sudden, I realize how fragile life is and how there is nothing you can do to hold it together. I don’t want to be angry. I don’t want to fall apart but I know that I will if this is something serious. I don’t want to talk to anyone, because they wouldn’t understand. We don’t know anything right now. I pray it’s nothing. I pray it’s a false alarm and everything is going to be okay. But I don’t know if it will. And I can’t imagine life without her and I cry more at the thought of it. No one can give comfort right now. My mom is my best friend and the one I go to when life falls apart. I can’t live without her in my life. If anyone out there has something to offer, we greatly need it right now.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

NGS Picture ID:113644

foreign is different.

foreign is another language.

foreign is someone who doesn’t look like me.

foreign is a different lifestyle.

foreign is a different currency.

foreign is a different culture.

foreign is a new opportunity.

foreign is a book i’ve never read.

foreign is a stranger i’ve never acknowledged.

foreign is song i’ve never sung.

foreign is an adventure.

foreign is a train ride away.

foreign is across the ocean.

foreign is everyone who i’ve never met.

foreign is the person i see every day but never speak to.

foreign is change.

foreign is beautiful.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

oops 130

Weekly Photo Challenge: BIG

fame fame fame fame

a boring picture, maybe to some.

but this reminds me of that long drive to new york city. a place where everyone’s dreams are as big as the buildings. a place where it doesn’t matter where you come from. all that matters are how hard you’re willing to work to make your dreams become a reality.

this picture represents big for me because i remember how hard it was to get to that city. and once we arrived, i remember the feeling of complete awe. millions of people in black all going somewhere as fast as they could.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

sunrise on the beach.

meeting sweet new people.


late night swims in new orleans.

2013-06-15 01.28.47

cuddling with this goof.


moments like this.first love; even after it’s gone, it’s still special.

the stupid games I play with my friends.

my heart.



late nights.



taxi rides through busy indian streets.

india 2013 mom's camera 029

late night cuddles on the sidewalk.

these beautiful children.

india 2013 mom's camera 408

this silly nose ring.



2014-01-04 11.59.48

ring pop engagements to my best friend.


stupid, carefree adventures.


the faces of my babies.

2013-09-19 16.36.39

my beautiful parents.


family dates.


three months of perfection.


1. being tan
2. seeing my best friends every single day
3. being spontaneous
4. bonfires
5. late night walks
6. falling in love
7. watching the waves roll onto the sand at the beach
8. exploring the mountains
9. movie nights
10. no more stress
11. road trips
12. staying up late
13. bikini’s
14. disney world with the best friends
15. freedom
16. no makeup
17. natural hair
18. tank tops, sandals, and shorts
19. swimming
20. meeting new people
21. driving with the windows down and the music blaring
22. concerts
23. going to camp
24. mission trips
25. being able to eat out every single night
26. taking chances
27. trying new things
28. going to the park
29. flowers
30. sundresses
31. kisses
32. feeling pretty
33. being able to work during the daytime so i can spend nights with friends
34. late night drives
35. flirting
36. drive-in movies
37. messy twister
38. bike rides
39. singing at the top of your lungs with the windows down
40. glow stick fights
41. bbq’s
42. sleepovers – every night
43. rainstorms
44. exploring the woods behind the house
45. weekend beach trips
46. breakfast at bojangles
47. camping
48. going swimming with boys late at night
49. having your life be as fun as it appears on facebook for once
50. sleeping under the stars
51. movie nights
52. dancing
53. living at each others’ houses
54. painting
55. going to the lake
56. being carefree
57. never being home
58. journaling
59. creating new ideas
60. closing my eyes while laying in the sand on the beach
61. learning to salsa
62. sleeping on the dock at the lake
63. jet ski’s
64. taking pictures
65. wearing dresses constantly
66. late night conversations
67. late night wal-mart runs
68. flowers
69. insert sexual reference here
70. watching the sunset on the ocean
72. bucket lists
73. sleeping in
74. picnics
75. watching the sun rise at the beach


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